We love good news about giving! 

We're always keen to collaborate to help spread the word and inspire more people to give simply, sustainably and kindly. If you'd like to talk or collaborate with us, please get in touch

Here are some good stories we've appeared in, or been inspired by about good giving: 

  • The Female Career podcast spoke with our Chief of Good Christine about how her career led her to co-found The Good Registry with her friends and former work colleagues Tracey and Sue. (March 2021)
  • Christine spoke with The Spinoff's Business is Boring Podcast, about how doing business and doing good is far from boring! (January 2021)
  • Up Your Brave is a video series with impact-driven people who are changing the world for good. Its founder Natalie Cutler-Welsh spoke with our co-founder Christine Langdon about how we're amping up our impact. You can see their conversation here. (January 2021)
  • Christine spoke with Kathryn Ryan on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon about the intersect between Christmas, kindness and conscious consumerism. (December 2020)
  • Do Good Jobs shared their Top 10 Gifts that Do Good in the World, which featured some of our friends like Good Bitches Baking and Trees that Count (two of our charity partners) and our Good Gift Cards too. (December 2020)
  • The Spinoff wrote about why The Good Registry is a better alternative to unwanted gift giving, and how we're channelling money that would otherwise be wasted to make a positive difference instead. (December 2020)
  • Gen Less wrote about how we can 'Say No to Wasted Energy' on Christmas Gifting, including questions to ask before buying, their top sustainable gifts, and how to save energy and spark joy at The Good Registry. (November 2020)
  • The Conscious Action podcast interviewed our Chief of Good, Christine, about how to make giving more Good (November 2020)
  • A Kiwi Original - the podcast / video series created by Buy New Zealand Made - interviewed our co-founder and Chief of Good Christine about how The Good Registry  came to be, the mission we're on, where and how we're getting traction, and some nice anecdotes about our givers and the joy of giving.  (February 2020)
  • Our co-founder and Chief of Good Christine Langdon spoke with the Smile and Pod podcast about the importance of living on purpose, her experience of leaving 'dream jobs' to follow her heart, and how that led to The Good Registry, and all the Good we are doing. (October 2019)
  •  The Uncomfortable is OK podcast spoke with our Chief of Good Christine Langdon about how we're breaking through discomfort to bring more good and less waste to gift giving, and a bit of her own story (August 2019)
  • The Flick Electric Co Blog spoke with us about how The Good Registry  is helping to make Christmas more simple, sustainable and kind. (December 2018)
  • Cas Carter wrote in her column for Stuff about why she detests Christmas (We don't detest Christmas but we do agree with a lot of her points!). And she gave The Good Registry a shout out as part of the solution. (December 2018)
  • Our co-founder Christine Langdon spoke with Jesse Mulligan on Radio NZ about #GivingTuesday, how and why we get more joy from giving than getting, and the simple ways we can give (November 2018)
  • The Find Your Truth Podcast talked with our co-founder Christine Langdon on what it means to find your truth and how co-founding The Good Registry has been a big part of her journey to find hers. (November 2018)
  • Infinite Possibilities interviewed our co-founder Christine Langdon about the career journey that led to The Good Registry (September 2018)
  • GiddyUp - which exists to connect good businesses with good causes, shared a profile on The Good Registry and the Good we're doing (August 2018)
  • HerStory featured our co-founder and Chief of Good Christine Langdon, and how The Good Registry came to be, on their podcast. (August 2018)
  • The Impact Initiative website shared a profile on The Good Registry and the impact that we're having, alongside profiles of other NZ social enterprises (August 2018)
  • New Zealand's Weddings website had a chat with us about how couples can use their weddings to create some good karma :-) (May 2018
  • The Good Stuff blog is all about ... good stuff! So we were stoked to feature in the blog, sharing our vision and some of our highs and lows so far. (April 2018
  • Celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were in a the press when they asked friends and family not to give gifts to their kids (October 2017)


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