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on Aug 31, 20

A charity's story: Covid-19 at the grassroots

The Covid-19 pandemic has been especially challenging for charities — with many receiving less from donations, less engagement from supporters,...

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on Aug 28, 20

Celebrating youth pride in Aotearoa

Today is the final day of National Schools Pride Week 2020, a week dedicated to celebrating rainbow youth and giving...

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on Aug 16, 20

Five-times a Good sort!

Meet our star Good giver, Peter! With five charitable registries under his belt, two Christmases and three birthdays, Peter Galbraith...

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on Aug 10, 20

Protecting Ranginui and Papatūānuku for the future

We’re so excited to welcome our newest charity partner, Para Kore! Para Kore means zero waste, which is the principle...

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on Jul 15, 20

The gift of shelter and safety for dogs in need

Instead of receiving gifts for her birthday this year, Hanna has created a registry for her favourite charity, Chained Dog...

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on Jun 22, 20

Finding joy in silver linings at challenging times

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for all of us, and introduced many big changes to our...

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