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on Nov 17, 20

Meet our Good Sorts: Caitlin Turner

We have a great team of Good Sorts helping us at The Good Registry, so we’d like you to meet...

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on Oct 29, 20

A Mission to create a kinder Christmas

We’re so excited to announce a new partnership we’ve formed, and just in time to create a kinder Christmas for...

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on Oct 12, 20

Help for the people helping Kiwi youth through hard times

By Tilly van Eeden You have probably already heard of our new charity partner, Youthline — over their nearly 50...

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on Oct 08, 20

Juanita's gift: helping families through the fog of fertility treatment

Juanita Copeland is our first kind Kiwi to pledge her birthday to Fertility New Zealand — one of The Good Registry’s newest...

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on Oct 05, 20

How kindness is freeing Kiwis from the debt-poverty cycle

With the increased levels of economic pressures, job losses, and increased costs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more...

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on Sep 28, 20

Riding the Covid-19 rollercoaster with neonatal families

If there’s anything we can learn from our friends at The Neonatal Trust, it’s the power of pulling together to...

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