Deloitte Good Gift Cards

Deloitte Good Gift Cards


When you give Good Gift Cards, you give recipients a simple way to do good by 'paying forward' the giving to NZ charities. You give the donation, and they choose the charities to support. So you both get to do good, and feel good.

  • Good Gift Cards can be redeemed to make donations to any of our 50 partner charities. When you buy a Good Gift Card, we email it to you straight away, so you can email the link to your gift recipient, or print it and pop it in a card.  
  • You can customise your card with a personal message (by clicking 'customise'), or opt for our standard card (by simply adding to your cart).
  • Keep your Good Gift Card receipt (which we will email to you straight away). As it’s a donation, you may be eligible for a tax credit. You can find out more about that on the IRD website.
  • Our Good Gift Cards make great corporate gifts for staff, customers and conferences or special events. We're happy to help you with bulk orders - simply email us at
  • To help cover our costs, we have a service fee. This is deducted after donations are made, not added to your transaction. For information about the fee, please visit our About Us page or our Frequently Asked Questions.   

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