This Christmas, the donations are on us!

We thought this year would resemble some form of normality after the unprecedented lockdowns, border closures and new ways of working in 2020. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case, and people have had to do it even harder than before.

Although the challenges have been there, we have kept going, continued to operate, deliver and complete projects. We recognise that although it has be tough, it has been harder for others. That’s why we have partnered with The Good Registry and offer you the opportunity to give to those that need it, and the great news is your donation is on us!

We have chosen five charities based on the personal connection our people have, as well as the alignment they have with our organisation and our values.

Please vote for your preferred charity using the poll below, and we'll split the funds depending on how you vote.

Merry Christmas from everyone in the Vidak team!


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