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NPH helps thousands of vulnerable children and families across Latin America and the Caribbean.
Through high quality protection and prevention programmes NPH helps children not only survive but thrive.
With a strong focus on education, from preschool to university, these children become leaders in their communities, breaking the cycle of poverty.
Every year NPH provides over 80,000 medical services to poor children who would otherwise go without basic medical care.

The difference your donation could make:

$20 - The Gift of Learning - A homeschooling workbook for a child who can't go to school because of Covid19.
$40 - The Gift of a Full Stomach - A month's supply of fruit for a child.
$15 - The Gift of Peace - A counselling session for a child.
$50 - The Gift of Confidence - Powerful Girls classes for one of our girls.
$70 - The Gift of Life - A week's stay at our children's hospital.

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